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Subtier RFP Proposal Support
DCAA/DCMA & Prime Audit Support
CPSR Audit Preparation

Proposal Support

CPM is made up of professionals who are highly experienced in all areas of government procurement. Our subject matter experts can provide assistance in proposal team integration, process management, proposal adequacy and compliance, cost and risk estimation and management, and price analysis support.


  • Subject Matter Expertise

  • Proposal Management

  • Proposal Team Reviews

  • Proposal Cost Volume Development

  • Disclosure Statement Development

  • Proposal Adequacy

  • Material estimation management

  • Labor estimation management

  • Operations estimation management

  • Engineering estimation management

  • Small Business/Subcontract Plan Development

  • Risk Aversion Strategy

  • Cost evaluation & Compliance

  • FAR & TINA Compliance

  • Price Analysis

  • Buyer Evaluation Support



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