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CBOM Development

The consolidated bill of material (CBOM) is a complete listing of the materials that go into the product being produced. The CBOM should include the following information by part number and year; part description, supplier name, quantity, unit price, basis of estimate (BOE), yearly escalation, total extended price, and any other information relevant to material costs. CPM has provided support for the following tasks related to CBOM development:


  • Verify Part Numbers

  • Review Engineering Prints

  • Identify Revision Changes

  • Verify CBOM Qtys

  • Identify TINA Suppliers


Comprehensive CBOMs can result in many benefits to a company, including but not limited to the following:


  • Identification of subtier competitors

  • Make/Buy Assessments

  • Cost Benefit Analysis

  • Cost Reduction

  • Risk Assessment

  • Risk Mitigation and Management

  • Process Development/Mapping

  • Supplier Consolidation

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